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With the continued rise of mobile handset applications, it is now a necessity to include this in your advertising and productivity budgets. Whether you need an app to run on iPhone, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry or need to convert your static web pages into a functional web application, Gizbitz has the talent and experience.

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Starting your own business is hard work. Setting up a web site for your portfolio or online store shouldn't distract you from...well....your business. At Gizbitz, we specialize in working with commercial startups in getting their business online efficiently and effectively.

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Orbs Away! Now available on the App Store!

Orbs Away! is a classic arcade game of skill, timing and luck. Drop Orbs onto matching color Orbs to gain points and burst the Orbs from the game. Special Orbs get more points and the quicker you get a level completed...the more points you get Game Center enabled so you can compare your scores with others and obtain achievements. Play to become an Orb Master!


Slots Of Love
for iPhone & iPod Touch available now in the iTunes app store!

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Announcing our latest creation. This app is a must have for those needing to add more romance in their lives. And lets face it...we all do! Loaded with romantic ideas to enhance your marriage, romance your girlfriend or boyfriend, and wonder her this Valentine's Day, you will have the toolset to bring out your love mojo and pour it on the one you love. Ideas are user submitted and can be updated through the app so you are not stuck with a fixed set of romantic moments. Complete details can be found in the iTunes App Store. Just click on the logo above.

Do you have a romantic idea to share and think it should be inlcuded in the Slots Of Love app? If you do, you can submit your idea via the link below. Go Romance!

Click here to add your own romance idea
Add your own romance idea!

Frivolous Entertainment goes iPad

Get the Slots Of Love app!

Frivolous Entertainment produces a highly popular Sex is Fun podcast and hosts an informational web site. They do offer mature games for couples for stimulating their relationships, however they did not have a presence on the iPhone and the recently launched iPad. Working together, Frivolous Entertainment and Gizbitz teamed up to bring the old school game of Spin the Bottle to the iPad. Available for the iPad launch, this game brings Kiss, Truth or Dare to a new level by adding gender, kissing preferences and the ability to secretly avoid other players. You can add your own photos to the player icons as well. An iPhone/iPod Touch version will be released soon. You can get more information about the app in the iTunes App Store.